Hello world…I hope everyone had a wonderful new year.  2010 is among us and with a New Year comes new opportunities.


In 2009 LIPSTICK formed; a dance & entertainment ensemble that came together with one focal point……to entertain the Central Virginia area through inventive performances and events.  We will continue with our vision in 2010 and hope everyone will join us on this journey.


While we offer up entertainment for the masses, LIPSTICK member Melissa O. now offers Contemporary Hip-Hop dance Classes!


She is inviting dancers to the “OFF BEAT” Openhouse being held January 17, 2010 at Ashland Athletic Club.


There is no admission….just come ready to dance and meet great people!

 - Learn a few unique and exciting routines
- Join in on a typical “Off Beat” warm up (this warm-up 
  was designed to develop the physical abilities
  necessary to dance;
flexibility, coordination, balance,
  and rhythm)
- Meet other dancers
- Learn more about “Off Beat”
- Learn more about what Ashland Athletic club has to 
- Or you can just come to watch!
- Come at ANYTIME from 4-6

 You can email me for further details: melissaodance@gmail.com

Ashland Athletic Club
431 England St. Ashland Town Center
Ashland, VA 23005
(804) 641-9784


                           SEE YOU THERE!!
Hello World....Melissa O here, 1/4 of LIPSTICK.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I am getting ready to offer adult hip-hop classes on Tuesdays.

Check out http://www.ashlandathleticclub.com 
This is the facility that has been gracious enough to provide me with the space that I need to share my choreography with fellow dancers.

Feel free to visit me on myspace:
I have different clips of choreography that I've done posted on my profile.  If you like what you see.....stay tuned to our site for updates on when classes will begin.

See what people have to say about my choreography, visit:

By offering these classes, I am hoping to define a stronger hip-hop dance scene throughout the Central Virginia area.  Join LIPSTICK and be a part of the movement!!  This is just the beginning!

   "The wait is over!"